• 3 Idiots – The Great Indian Movie

    Aamir Khan starrer comedy-drama “3 Idiots” has created an all-time by grossing over Urs.100 crore in its first four days. Reliance BIG Entertainment, distributor for this film, released about 2,000 prints across 40 areas.
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    This Christmas had been wonderful in the company of Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘3 Idiots’. The film has not only garnered audience’s appreciation from all-over the globe but also has earned immense collections for the box Office. The Vidhu Vinod Chopra production rewrites Indian Cinema Box Office History, by grossing over Rs 100 crores in 4 days.

    Reliance Big Pictures which released ‘3 Idiot’s in 2126 screens worldwide including 366 screens overseas – the widest release for any Indian film to date – has reported unprecedented box-office response from all much more. The film has set new records in ticket sales in towns and cities across the world. In just 4 days the film has grossed over an astounding Rs 100 crores worldwide. The film continues to draw record crowds which can be setting new benchmarks for Bollywood films.

    Inspired from Chetan Bhagat’s novel, ‘Five Point Someone’ the film chronicles the storyplot of three friends together in an engineering college. What seem to have touched the right chord in people’s heart is the witty writing and terrific acting and also the incisive look which your film takes at the education system in India. The screenplay is impressively done, with the credits going to Rajkumar Hirani, Abhijat Joshi and Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

    Shot on location the film has caught the audience’s imagination like never before, thanks towards the cinematographer C.R. Muraleedharan. From a small town like Wardha to a city like Chandigarh, from Mumbai to Delhi and from New york to Sydney theatres have reported record-breaking collections. The film which has been recently critically acclaimed has begun attracting repeat audiences. Said a faculty student coming away from a suburban multiplex in Ahmedabad that they was coming in turn tomorrow with her family to watch the film.

    Commenting on significant success of the film Producer Vinod Chopra said, “Response has been overwhelming from all around the world. Aamir, Raju and I knew from the responses earlier on that people liked the film but this is something else. We have got reports from places like Australia that they have reduced ‘Avatar’ shows and increased our bait.”

    “3 Idiots will be the highest grossing Hindi film ever in australia on its opening weekend. Similarly the particular US, I are given to recognize that ‘3 Idiots’ shall be highest ever of a Hindi film,” he added.

    Film Information, an Indian trade journal that tracks box office performance commented “Bollywood should be dancing, singing, rejoicing, shedding tears of joy. 3 Idiots has come just like a tornado to smash box-office records and create new ones may well not be broken easily, at least in the immediate future.”

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