• Can be Game of Thrones or GoT

    Even today, a lot of us wonder: what is Game of Thrones or GoT. In a single sentence: it’s a Harry Porter for grownups. Based on RR Martin’s novel A Song of Ice and Fire, this mini-series hit the silver screens in April, next. Well, every year it brings a season of ten episodes, and it has just finished its 5th season around of 2015.

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    Why should I watch it: Because, we all like fantasies; kids and old ones alike, you can make certain that of it. But, very wisely, GoT has kept fantasy at a palatable degree. It is not really all about White Walkers (Snow creatures), mystical Wildlings, Dragons and Black Spectacular. But yes, it is very much about kings and queens and their realms. And their ultimate goal of ruling the mythical place of Westros and its iconic Iron Throne.

    Game of Thrones is a very special TV Show, also, because of its fascinating suspense and storytelling style. The suspense is in a way that you just cannot ignore the next episode, you’ll wait for Sunday night with all the excitement & preparedness. And, the next morning you’ll be talking about it on social media, friends and coworkers.

    Although, Game of Thrones is a TV Series it splurges on its making cost with limits. It has surpassed many showy movies when talking of cinematography and stunning special effects. GoT uses latest technology to display its stunning visuals like giant castles, palaces, statues, mountains, plains and rivers.

    When fantasy, suspense and visuals meet the impressive dialogues, a combination becomes unique. The dialogues are totally different from any other period, fantasy or history dramas. GoT hires a very talented team of writers who not just extract their creativity in plots, however deliver ‘wow’ dialogues. It is a delicate treat for literature lovers.

    When we regarding impressive dialogues, we only cannot ignore the impressive actors who deliver these catchy, sharp and hitting sentences. Game of Thrones brings which you set of old and new talented actors through their rigorous auditions all over the world. If it is considered that these actors are the backbones of GoT and your success it typically be exaggerated. Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Charles Dance, Jack Gleeson, etc., short-term a few turn out to be named; it’s joined with many some. They are so impressive that will hover too deep till next Sunday, if, of course, you become an ardent fan of Game of Thrones.

    A TV Show’s potentially a movie’s success highly relies on the musical score. GoT is quite lucky at it. Game of Thrones possesses an icon theme (music) which plays at every beginning of this show and in some cases in-between. We have people setting its theme (music) as mobile’s ringtone; some have saved it in their iPods. I’ve come across the music being played at many important occasions such as fashion shows also. The backdrop music and songs could be rated 9 out of 10, which means can be the whole show of Bet on Thrones.

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